Raintree Place - Houston Texas

Welcome to Raintree Place

Raintree Place is a prestigious private gated community located at 10 South Briar Hollow Lane, Houston, TX 77027, just inside the 610 Loop between San Felipe Road and Post Oak Blvd. There are 86 lots in the subdivision. The community is served by a guard service that mans the only entry/exit to the property 24 hours a day.  Each property owner is a member of the Raintree Place Property Owners Association (RPPOA). Through its Board of Trustees the RPPOA is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the streets and common areas within Raintree Place, the business affairs of the subdivision and the enforcement and preservation of the high standards set in its governing instruments.

The Board of Trustees can be contacted by sending mail to the above address Attention President of the Board of Trustees or by using the email address furnished in the "Contact Us" tab above. The board welcomes input and suggestions on how we can improve the quality of life, appearances and security in Raintree Place.